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Technical Management/Manning

Shipping technical team provide the expertise and knowledge to maintain the efficient running of managed vessels. Our long experience in dry-dockings enables us to complete dockings efficiently and cost effectively adding value towards cost reduction.

The Crew is the most important part of the full ship management. The quality of people engaged onboard will make the difference between successful and unsuccessful ship management. SSR Marine Services ensures that the vessel is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings as per the requirements. 

Coastal Cargo Operation

Our company own Coastal Cargo Carriers for transportation of Cargo between various Indian port. We are in chartening of Cargo vessels.

Dry Docking/Ship Building

We offer Dry Dock and Ship Building Services with professional planning, preparation and execution, we make dry docking efficient and Economic.


We are operating Cruise/Floatel at Mumbai, Providing the extravagant cruising Experience, elegantly sailing on the coastline of Mumbai. Mid-sea Luxury Dining, Floating Restaurant, Banquet & Rooftop Bar in the middle of the Ocean.

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